Who We Are

At Shanthala International, we work hard to deliver genuine hand madeIndianIncense across the globe for every tradition and culture.

With over 40 years of experience to catering every corner ofIndia, since our inception in 1979 the parent name “K.R. Vishwanath Agarbathi  Works”  has built its reputation  and trust  for the  quality

Incense supply.

We are now a growing export house,catering over 18 countries world wide, ensuring and assisting our clients with the quality, custom fragrances and packaging requirements.

We are ideally located at Bangalore,INDIA which is the hub for most the skilled workforce and quality ingredients for the manufacturing and supply of Incense. All our products are free from any of the restricted forest produces or any species of flare or fauna that are listed in the Appendices of the Convention onInternational Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna & Flora.

The Founder

All the success that we have achieved today is the result of the hard work and vision of our entrepreneur, “Mr. K.R.Vishwanat h Gupta”. He holds a rich experience of over 40 years in this domain.The products manufactured under his guidance are considered to be handicraft items. He works in cooperation with the other team members to achieve the organizational goals within the stipulated time frame.

Vision & Mission

Shantha l a Internationa l has a sim ple and clear pu rpose – to give th e best to the globe,based on the strong ethics, values and respect for all race.

We believe in long term ways for our business to grow and sustain.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Although we produce authentic products, we are highly serious about our corporate social responsibility as a trusted manufacturers & exporters in the industry.

Some key points

  • Absolutely no child l
  • Strict compliance with the labour laws and statutory requirement in hiring
  • Ensuring clean,safe and hygienic work
  • Friendly work culture and facilities to fulfil working needs and conditi
  • Compensation and Also employee’s child education aid.
  • Go green philosophy is another  integral part of our holistic work ethi
  • No chemicals or harmful substances that may harm living beings and environment as per the standards and